Thursday, November 29, 2012

Role of the On Line Teacher

Online teaching changes much like the seasons of the year and as such, needs to adapt to these constant changes.  Nevermore than within the past few years, have I noticed such a noticeable trend in my online students and their parents, which has caused many sleepless nights and the need to take a second look at my course and its contents.  Effective online learning is a joint collaboration between the instructor, student(parent in my case) and the environment in which this learning will take place.  Throughout this program, my learning curve has expanded both as a student enrolled in an online program and as an instructor teaching an online course.  Many new methods have presented themselves to me that were able to be implemented, used or filed for future endeavors.  This course on techniques for effective online learning/teaching has given me pause to think over my current course, wonder how to better reach my students and effectively enable them to succeed.  Probably the most interesting part is to find out that much of what I already implement follows closely and correctly to the role of e-Learning Facilitators and their "four shoes."  I have also found that my course could be enhanced immeasurably if I could implement, successfully, more effective collaboration between my students and myself.  Currently the Discussion Board, email, timely response to answers and posting of grades seems adequate, but I long to find a more effective way to harness their repetitive questions and confusion in one mass answer.  I have created a table of my personal goals to attempt to solve current issues as well as project some future plans here.

How often do those of you using wikis, blogs or other means of communication make sure you reach students, parents and community simply and effectively?

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  1. It sounds to me that you are very reflective as an online instructor. You are constantly thinking about strategies that have worked in the past, as well as refining strategies that haven't worked. That's what teaching is all about! It also seems that meeting the needs of parents are inevitable, especially in the field of education. We are accountable to students, as well as to their parents, especially since they have a financial vested interest in their child's educational success. I believe that as an online instructor, we can make ourselves available to students and to parents through phone, email, wiki, comment widgets, etc; however, it is their choice to make the effort to seek help from you when they need it. They can't blame you for anything if you are giving multiple methods for contact! Keep up the great work that you do. You are making a huge difference in the lives of students, and your drivers education course is positively affecting our world and community. Less car accidents is a good thing!